ten fingers

is a

Multidisciplinary design studio, gathering various professionals under its roof. We are very passionate about our work. In jest, we like to say that everything created is a result of our "sweat and blood" - our own ten fingers.


Angle menfashion

Visual identity for new men fashion label. By not being classical they wanted to give a new perspective or "angle" in men apparel.


Betabit is one of the leading ".Net" software developing companies in Netherlands. We redesigned logo, web site and did photo production. Problem with the old logo was a lack of identification and connection to the business. New logo and accompanying identity better serves the purpose and gives more flexibility to the growing brand architecture. visit link

vaults on a cloud

New logo and a web site for the web based application. Solution is oriented to the M&A (Mergers and acquisitions) services, originally started in Europe with tendency to spread world wide.


Identity and web site redesign made for an on-line Serbian retailer. Challenge was to maintain a color scheme, and yet make the identity and a web site "cleaner" and more appealing to nowadays design standards.

FC "Red Star" fan app

"Red Star" is one of iconic football teams from Serbia. We proposed an application for mobile devices, which is basically intended for fans, or for anybody who generally likes football.

Mozzart calendar

Project proposal made for "Mozzart", sports betting and gaming company.