ten fingers

is a

Multidisciplinary design studio, serving as a creative hub by gathering various professionals under its roof when needed. Furthermore, we are very devoted and passionate about our work. In jest, we like to say that everything created is a result of our "sweat and blood" — our own ten fingers.


We make design

BOS - Belgrade open school

We offered an redesigned identity based on an idea of openness with loose constraining elements in form of some kind of brackets. It gave a great flexibility and almost endless possibilities in different medium applications.

SCS - Smart Content System

SCS or Smart Content System is the all around solution for sport live statistics, and it works on any platform. From large screens indoor or outdoor to web and mobile enviroments. It is versatile and has a highly customizable interface. These examples are just part of what the system could be used for. More live and demo examples on the Behance page

team as a service

The initial idea about the service was to establish it as a B2C, meaning anyone who is interested in and have a need hiring the team could done it through the web site. Pages were responsive, hence suitable for mobile devices. Experience that we gathered through this 1.0 version was that most of the customers were firms and companies interested mostly in building their own custom teams and not so much taking predefined options, and no mobile devices use. It could have been explained by the fact that no one was interested to build the hiring team through such limited interface which a mobile device offered. That lead us to this, 4 years later, 2.0 version. The web site is gone, and the service is overhauled as a B2B web application designed to offer maximum comfort and clearness.

Bavarian-Serbian Academic Forum

Visual identity for a NGO operating in the field of cultural and business relations. Identity is inspired by the colors of Bavarian and Serbian flag combined in a "diamond" shape which could be found on Bavarian flag.

Brooklyn Pilates

Visual identity done for fitness studio chain in Brooklyn New York. Stylized and clean look with an accent to custom typography.

Tria coaching

It is a logo for Triathlon coaching service. We wanted to make a very compact dynamic sport logo and at the same time human and friendly. Live colors with sharp angles and hand written typography worked very well in the juxtaposition.


We were outsourced to redesign a visual identity for a PR agency “Abrakadabra”, one of Bruketa&Žinić OM clients. They needed more flexible and contemporary solution keeping their original name but distancing from association of “magic and tricks”. Since word “abrakadabra” originates from the old Armaic word used in healing and meaning what was said has been done, B&Ž team suggested that the original meaning becomes Abrakadabra’s new slogan. Bruketa&Žinić OM team: Miran Tomičić (Creative Director, Art Director), Svjetlana Vukić (Account director), Iva Šimunović (Account Manager), Vesna Đurašin (Production Manager), Radovan Radičević (DTP) Find more on B&Ž project page


We designed a visual identity for company which offer services in air filming, leasing and production of (UAV) aircrafts also known as "drones". Inspiration laid in a landscape seen from above, presented in stylized manner and wings of a dragonfly insect. People from "Dragonfly Aerial Media" are among pioneers offering such services in Banjaluka (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and therefore needed strong and distinguished identity.

markus link

Munich based architect studio wanted a simple but effective visual identity done in monochromatic color scheme. We made an offer in a form of a case study. An idea emerged after looking at numerous architect drawings and decision was to design a monogram as a compound construction made of various geometric shapes. Instead of a welded form we left the “parts” in its loose connection, like an invitation to the new and exciting creative experiment.